Friday, June 25, 2010

Emergence of 3rd World Countries - FIFA WC 2010

The Emergence of the so called Third World Countries is evident everywhere...Countries from South Asia, Middle East, Africa etc are resurfacing in every aspect - be it Financial Strength, Technical Powerhouse, Social Portfolio.

China is virtually controlling the Electronix markets across globe now... Investors are focusing into India rather than Europe or US... Koreans and Japanese are currently in charge of the world over Automobile  industry... Financial saturation has been arrived there in the so called developed countries since the recession...

Incidents and Results at 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa are no exception. The fact that South Africa is hosting and managing one of biggest events on earth so well makes it palpable how much growth the 3rd World Countries have achieved.

Just a day ago Slovakia has crushed Italy ( Switzerland has made Spain bite dust... North Korea has given tremendous competition to Brazil... situation of England in group is not very contented... Africa has displayed so good skills in football... Paraguay, Uruguay playing so pleasantly unexpected game...

Welcome to the new World, age of the "developed" nations is about to be's time to treat everybody as equal...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Corporate Website

Was working hard since last month for building our new corporate web site. Now finally it is up and running.


It has been quite a challenge to rebuild the corporate website virtually from scratch that mirrors our business model to the audience. As India's first Open Source Integration Company it is complex to bring our business and technical offerings into light.

Feedbacks welcome.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Save Aravali...

Just read about Aravali at Gurgaon in today's newspaper.

Since long time, the media has been crying for the miserable condition of Aravali in Gurgaon, Faridabad and surrounding areas. Pity, nobody there to hear and take care. They have already destroyed Surajkund and Badhkal lakes, and now it is now time for the last lake - Damdama.

The revenue department in Gurgaon has almost completed the consolidation of plots on a hillock. (from TNN, Jun 21, 2010) They are selling (and already sold out!!) lands over the hills near the damdama lake... about 10 miles from Gurgaon.

The Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) had written to Haryana government in December 1992 mentioning that all the areas notified under Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA) are forests and such areas cannot be used for non-forestry activities without prior permission from the ministry.
(from TNN, Jun 21, 2010)

Still the land is up for selling.

The so-called civilized and educated Delhities will now build some rich and "comfortable" mansions over there. And the nature will leave that place, the still beautiful lake will dry up, the area will be another despondent sight...

  • Why we do not understand not to ruin the nature? What should be done to make us comprehend this?
  • Why the government is not able to stop these activities, all these happening in spite of the order of no "non-forestry activities" on those areas? Why the government is so feeble there?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank you...

It has been a couple of life changing months for me.

My mother was ill, very ill - suffering with ARDS. I knew all those major diseases and sicknesses, however, never knew about this one. Never knew such horrifying illness exists.

It started off all of a sudden, without any pre-symptoms. Only fever, upset stomach, vomiting etc. Out of the blue the condition deteriorated extremely. She had to put into Ventilation. They said it started with neomonia, then liquid was accumulated in her lung - oh!!!

She was into ventilator for almost two and a half months. Other major organs of the body had started to degrade, kidneys affected, diabetic symptoms started, bed sores, lung infections etc etc.

What more worse was that we had to put her in a government medical college in Agartala, Tripura. No, absolutely no medical facilities, treatment skills was available. Nothing could be done there, so helpless situation. No way you can shift her to a proper medical establishment - except of an air ambulance. But the condition was so bad that we could not take the risk to move her. But again the condition was worsening or a bad stated status quo.

We had to take the risk, no way we could continue there. Dr Navneet from EMSOS is such a wonderful professional. With his help we could shift her to Delhi - Gurgaon, in fact. Artemis hospital. Struggle re-started, yet again. She was admitted in the ICU there for full one month and then another fortnight in cabin.

Finally it all ended well, thank God. Now my mother is with me.

Thanks everybody, thank you very much for everything.

It all could be possible only due to my wife, Chaitali, who worked relentlessly and served my mother.

Finally, above all, thanks to GOD to be with me, with us always in these hard times of my life.