Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CWG in Delhi

Now the government has asked investigation on the OC of CWG. First you assign the most incompetent and corrupt people on such important work, they spoil things - and then you establish a committee to investigate the corruption.

What a procedure!!!

Now the newspapers will have lots of headlines on this on the first page, the news channels will  have lots of so-called breaking news - after some time the headlines will move from first page to second, then third, and then quitely disappear. Nobody will notice. We will be busy in our usual work. The case will keep on running in any of the courts for years.

Again, that is the way we work!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

CWG in Delhi

Oh we have done it!!!!

Congratulations India, Congratulations to the team.

See the amazing shots of JN Stadium - me and my wife witnessed the Athletics event there - quite astounding experience.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

CWG in Delhi

Well, just two days left.
It seems we have pulled this... and pulled in a very impressive manner.

There is a very fine difference between being critical and being negative. Criticism should be gentle enough to nourish growth without destroying the root. Otherwise it spreads negativity and devastates the zeal. Probably our media had been too much critical and became negative. Being pessimistic is not good for health.

However, probably, our Indian workforce only clicks whenever someone hits with such sort of very critical kick on their back. Shame, but we work in this way.

Anyway, well done to all to finally pull it up. India deserves better than that.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

CWG in Delhi

The usual bedlam is happening... quite expectedly.

The international media is shouting, the local media is after everybody in the OC, the athletes from various countries are threatening to pull out, our so-called leaders is after one another, everybody objecting on the condition on the Games Village - that's how we work!!!

The problem is when everybody is aware of the attitude of Mr Kalmadi - why you assign such huge and sensitive responsibility to such a person? and then face the problem? Why didn't the government assigned Dr. E. Sreedharan in this post? Why we commit same mistakes again and again, specially when we know the person is not good for this?

But, however, I am still hopeful that things will come up quite good - finger crossed.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

CWG in Delhi

Hmmm, it will be quite interesting to see the Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010.

More interesting than the game itself is to see the current activities happening around the game! I bet, this game they are playing is far more remarkable than the actual events would be taking place!!

  • The infrastructure is quite pathetic till now.
  • The readiness in the city far far behind the least expected scale.
  • The city is struggling with dengue, malaria, blah blah blah. No symptom of having these controlled.
  • The stadiums are not at all equipped and geared up.
  • The hotels and other places are way behind the least international standard.
  • The pre-requisites, instruments, sports materials are yet to come.

Well, as expected they are fighting with each other, totally occupied and busy blaming others, or busy finding people to blame. Their schedule is hectic with all these, how can you expect them to work for the infrastructure, for the game. Moreover, what can they do if it rains so often. :)

They are fighting for songs, for money, for rain, for materials, for plans, for participators, for etc etc...

Please, at least this time show something good to the world. Even after spending of several thousand crores of money for a country where 70% of the population is under poverty line, if it doesn't happen, shame on all of us.

And, we can still do it...

Monday, August 30, 2010

My First Book!!

Well, well, started writing my first book.
It is a Cookbook - for Alfresco 3.
Packtpub is the publisher for me.

Just completed the formalities a month earlier or so. It has been a very good experience till now working with the competent and understandable team of Packtpub. We signed the contract after a few initial glitches with my lawyer.

This has been my long kept aspiration for writing books. Well now its started. I have quite a number of titles in mind for writing books. Hope the first title starts well, and does well!!

Though have started this journey with a core technical one, I would want to explore non-technical titles as well. During my school days I had drafted a few science fiction plots. That period you read all those stuff, get amazed and react in several different ways. Well, I drafted some sci-fi's!!

Lets see how this journey keeps up...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Emergence of 3rd World Countries - FIFA WC 2010

The Emergence of the so called Third World Countries is evident everywhere...Countries from South Asia, Middle East, Africa etc are resurfacing in every aspect - be it Financial Strength, Technical Powerhouse, Social Portfolio.

China is virtually controlling the Electronix markets across globe now... Investors are focusing into India rather than Europe or US... Koreans and Japanese are currently in charge of the world over Automobile  industry... Financial saturation has been arrived there in the so called developed countries since the recession...

Incidents and Results at 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa are no exception. The fact that South Africa is hosting and managing one of biggest events on earth so well makes it palpable how much growth the 3rd World Countries have achieved.

Just a day ago Slovakia has crushed Italy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zRTRlaAOs4)... Switzerland has made Spain bite dust... North Korea has given tremendous competition to Brazil... situation of England in group is not very contented... Africa has displayed so good skills in football... Paraguay, Uruguay playing so pleasantly unexpected game...

Welcome to the new World, age of the "developed" nations is about to be over...it's time to treat everybody as equal...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Corporate Website

Was working hard since last month for building our new corporate web site. Now finally it is up and running.

Visit http://www.infoaxon.com.

It has been quite a challenge to rebuild the corporate website virtually from scratch that mirrors our business model to the audience. As India's first Open Source Integration Company it is complex to bring our business and technical offerings into light.

Feedbacks welcome.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Save Aravali...

Just read about Aravali at Gurgaon in today's newspaper.

Since long time, the media has been crying for the miserable condition of Aravali in Gurgaon, Faridabad and surrounding areas. Pity, nobody there to hear and take care. They have already destroyed Surajkund and Badhkal lakes, and now it is now time for the last lake - Damdama.

The revenue department in Gurgaon has almost completed the consolidation of plots on a hillock. (from TNN, Jun 21, 2010) They are selling (and already sold out!!) lands over the hills near the damdama lake... about 10 miles from Gurgaon.

The Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) had written to Haryana government in December 1992 mentioning that all the areas notified under Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA) are forests and such areas cannot be used for non-forestry activities without prior permission from the ministry.
(from TNN, Jun 21, 2010)

Still the land is up for selling.

The so-called civilized and educated Delhities will now build some rich and "comfortable" mansions over there. And the nature will leave that place, the still beautiful lake will dry up, the area will be another despondent sight...

  • Why we do not understand not to ruin the nature? What should be done to make us comprehend this?
  • Why the government is not able to stop these activities, all these happening in spite of the order of no "non-forestry activities" on those areas? Why the government is so feeble there?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank you...

It has been a couple of life changing months for me.

My mother was ill, very ill - suffering with ARDS. I knew all those major diseases and sicknesses, however, never knew about this one. Never knew such horrifying illness exists.

It started off all of a sudden, without any pre-symptoms. Only fever, upset stomach, vomiting etc. Out of the blue the condition deteriorated extremely. She had to put into Ventilation. They said it started with neomonia, then liquid was accumulated in her lung - oh!!!

She was into ventilator for almost two and a half months. Other major organs of the body had started to degrade, kidneys affected, diabetic symptoms started, bed sores, lung infections etc etc.

What more worse was that we had to put her in a government medical college in Agartala, Tripura. No, absolutely no medical facilities, treatment skills was available. Nothing could be done there, so helpless situation. No way you can shift her to a proper medical establishment - except of an air ambulance. But the condition was so bad that we could not take the risk to move her. But again the condition was worsening or a bad stated status quo.

We had to take the risk, no way we could continue there. Dr Navneet from EMSOS is such a wonderful professional. With his help we could shift her to Delhi - Gurgaon, in fact. Artemis hospital. Struggle re-started, yet again. She was admitted in the ICU there for full one month and then another fortnight in cabin.

Finally it all ended well, thank God. Now my mother is with me.

Thanks everybody, thank you very much for everything.

It all could be possible only due to my wife, Chaitali, who worked relentlessly and served my mother.

Finally, above all, thanks to GOD to be with me, with us always in these hard times of my life.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pity... Indian Cricket...

So this always happens in Indian Cricket.

Once the team performs reasonably well, all of us are at full praise for all the team - nobody is there to find any gaps or to appraise any criticism.
And once the team loses, all of us rush behind the team with full of criticism.

Not at all a healthy situation, to say the least.

Now since we have lost hopelessly in the actual test of International competition, lots of issues, problems and complaints are being brought into light. If these problems are true and were there genuinely, still nobody would have been talked about these in case the team would have been performed well. Thus the actual problem never gets resolved. We will continue talk about these until the next series starts; and if the team does well there - all those issues will be forgotten, and all the players who have not performed as expected will be overlooked.

In any case, this result of Indian team in ICC T20 world cup was much expected; I would have been surprised in case the team did well. Since in IPL, they were not playing cricket, they were playing some game of money. Thus quality players did not take part of IPL, and whoever did, could not perform well. IPL is really a ground where the Pathans, the Rainas, the Vijays etc will do good - not any real quality player - barring Tendulkar, Kallis, Kumble - since they are always a class apart and do not fall into any general formula.

Whoever has not participated in IPL is performing good in T20 WC, has not played in IPL. Is this only because of fatigue and tiredness for IPL? Probably not. No quality of cricket and quality of players were there in IPL - even if you score a 80 in 40 ball, see against whom you have done this. Here in T20 WCC pure cricket is there, quality players and competition is there... and see how India is playing.

Dhoni is objecting now about IPL schedules, late night parties etc, as if only for that the team couldn't make it. They weren't aware of the next WC at the time of doing the parties? Were those parties mandatory? India is the only country where cricket players (as whole team, not individuals) appear in page-3 with girls. Why complain now after losing, and not then? Even all our experts are saying Dhoni shouldn't give these mere excuses after getting beaten. Why they did not try to stop all those IPL recklessness?

Again, as usual, we will not do anything after reading a couple of such quotations, such excuses etc etc; and next year again the money game in form of IPL will happen, and Indian cricket will be murdered.

Well, now India will play with Zimbabwe, they probably will win against the minnows (they won't choose to play with Australia, SA, England etc), Dhoni's record will be more enriched, he will probably get a couple of more healthy endorsements, and we will be happy again, forgetting all these; but history will repeat itself if the core issues are not solved....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

IPL Finale... India's biggest reality show... definitely not Cricket

Just now was trying to watch the much over-hyped finale of Indian Premier League.
It has everything except Cricket. Lots of glamour, lots of money, lots of fashion, lots of bollywood, lots of everything else - except cricket. All Tendulkars and Dhonis must be sleeping at this moment, wondering what is happening, why we are here, is there going to be any match, or any kind of joke?

Why and how do Indian people enjoy such show in the name of cricket? Are there any few such page-3 parties, any less such bollywood performances, that the Indian people has to come to IPL to enjoy these? I say Indian people, since I doubt any cricket fans outside this country is really enjoying such event in name of cricket.

They say, India is cricket crazy, people love cricket more than anything else. I seriously doubt, because if it would have been so, Indian people wouldn't have tolerated such torture and insult of cricket.

Thank God, Mr Modi has been removed from his post, thank God there has been a controversy around IPL. It would be great if no such IPL takes place next year, not in India, not anywhere. It would, however, could be a very good tournament if they would stick to cricket and not try to draw crowd and money making it mere reality show.

The biggest loser is ICC, who is performing a spectacular role of a dumb spectator of this ending of cricket, and how money, glamour and business is eating cricket.