Sunday, September 19, 2010

CWG in Delhi

The usual bedlam is happening... quite expectedly.

The international media is shouting, the local media is after everybody in the OC, the athletes from various countries are threatening to pull out, our so-called leaders is after one another, everybody objecting on the condition on the Games Village - that's how we work!!!

The problem is when everybody is aware of the attitude of Mr Kalmadi - why you assign such huge and sensitive responsibility to such a person? and then face the problem? Why didn't the government assigned Dr. E. Sreedharan in this post? Why we commit same mistakes again and again, specially when we know the person is not good for this?

But, however, I am still hopeful that things will come up quite good - finger crossed.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

CWG in Delhi

Hmmm, it will be quite interesting to see the Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010.

More interesting than the game itself is to see the current activities happening around the game! I bet, this game they are playing is far more remarkable than the actual events would be taking place!!

  • The infrastructure is quite pathetic till now.
  • The readiness in the city far far behind the least expected scale.
  • The city is struggling with dengue, malaria, blah blah blah. No symptom of having these controlled.
  • The stadiums are not at all equipped and geared up.
  • The hotels and other places are way behind the least international standard.
  • The pre-requisites, instruments, sports materials are yet to come.

Well, as expected they are fighting with each other, totally occupied and busy blaming others, or busy finding people to blame. Their schedule is hectic with all these, how can you expect them to work for the infrastructure, for the game. Moreover, what can they do if it rains so often. :)

They are fighting for songs, for money, for rain, for materials, for plans, for participators, for etc etc...

Please, at least this time show something good to the world. Even after spending of several thousand crores of money for a country where 70% of the population is under poverty line, if it doesn't happen, shame on all of us.

And, we can still do it...