Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Village Grandeur

This is not about any conventional or trendy tourist destination.
This is not about holidaying in a 4 or 5 star hotel or resort.
This is not a high flying travel anecdote, nor a thrilling hiking or trekking narrative.

This is about the splendor of the nature of a village, the untouched magnificence of the green paddy fields, fields that start from one end of the horizon, reaches to the other end of the horizon.
This is a portrait of village life of rural India.
This is a sketch of our long forgotten origin.
This is a self discovering journey back towards our derivation.

Paddy Fields as far as you can see
You won’t find any sign of modern amenities here. You won’t find any contemporary civilization footprints here. Just pure nature. Just untainted landscape. Just chaste panorama.

Panoramic view of the fields

It is not the monumental view of the mighty Himalayas. It is not the majestic sight of the boundless oceans. It is not the thrilling sensation of historical memorials. It is not the sumptuous and proud signature of human civilization and achievement.
It is our humble mother nature. It is all about dust, all about soil, all about grass, all about our root.

Blessed with Rain, Water, Serenity...
Rewarded with bloom...

You will see plenty of trees. But this is not forest. This is not dense land of the woods. This is modest piles of saplings. This is soft and lovable touch of grasses and bushes.
You will catch wealth of greenery. No concretes. No buildings. No artificial materials.
The roads between the woods are not adventurous. They are shy. They are easy. Likewise the surroundings, they are facile, painless and uncomplicated.

Road thru the trees
will just invite you to walk, to get lost...

Feast your eyes with the never ending greens.
Feel the splendor, the vastness of the fields.
Connect your souls to the Mother Nature who is nurturing you, who is feeding you, who is bringing you up, who is taking care of you. As if she is talking to you, smiling at you.

Green Banquet, a bird (probably called Intermediate Egret) passionately waiting for a fish to catch
Raining... quite a very regular event

Walk by those muddy roads. Re-invent your bond with the soil, with the grass, with the earth.
Touch the meadow. Feel blessed that you are still living in an age when this is accessible.

Just another village path... a tiny stream will accompany you...
Walk leaving your shoes aside...

The nature is very generous and open handed here. She loves you whole heartedly.

Beauty does not need a name
Want some of this?
Or this?

People are simple.
Life is basic.   
Every day is struggle, but every night is at serene.
Living is tough, but mind is at peace.

A humble house
A pond of a house.
Immersion of an Idol.

They don’t have money in their pocket, but they do have love in their heart.
They don’t have huge comfort in their dwellings, but they do have unity and affection at their home.
They might have to work tirelessly the whole day, but their evenings are stress free, their nights are relaxed.

Happy Inside...
Coming back from school... no A.C. buses for the children...
Infrastructure is tough. Modern technologies and comfort has not yet reached there.
People have to find their own solutions. While these solutions are difficult to us who are used to with modern comforts, these are very easy and effortless for them.

Want to cross by this?
Or may be by this...

But, the nature has another face here as well.
Have you experienced winds? Have you witnessed storm?
Try standing there on the open fields in a cloudy and stormy afternoon. This is not a Tsunami. This is not a Katrina. But sometimes it is very fearsome. Witness the force of the nature.

Trees in strong stormy winds
Dark Cloud formation on top
A little more pouring will flood the entire landscape

Still life is good. Life is happy. You have the nature as your resource. As your ally.

Experience Peace. Experience Life.
Talk to the nature. Hear what your mother is saying to you.

Where you want to go?
Where you want to live?
Where you want to reach?