Monday, August 30, 2010

My First Book!!

Well, well, started writing my first book.
It is a Cookbook - for Alfresco 3.
Packtpub is the publisher for me.

Just completed the formalities a month earlier or so. It has been a very good experience till now working with the competent and understandable team of Packtpub. We signed the contract after a few initial glitches with my lawyer.

This has been my long kept aspiration for writing books. Well now its started. I have quite a number of titles in mind for writing books. Hope the first title starts well, and does well!!

Though have started this journey with a core technical one, I would want to explore non-technical titles as well. During my school days I had drafted a few science fiction plots. That period you read all those stuff, get amazed and react in several different ways. Well, I drafted some sci-fi's!!

Lets see how this journey keeps up...

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