Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pity... Indian Cricket...

So this always happens in Indian Cricket.

Once the team performs reasonably well, all of us are at full praise for all the team - nobody is there to find any gaps or to appraise any criticism.
And once the team loses, all of us rush behind the team with full of criticism.

Not at all a healthy situation, to say the least.

Now since we have lost hopelessly in the actual test of International competition, lots of issues, problems and complaints are being brought into light. If these problems are true and were there genuinely, still nobody would have been talked about these in case the team would have been performed well. Thus the actual problem never gets resolved. We will continue talk about these until the next series starts; and if the team does well there - all those issues will be forgotten, and all the players who have not performed as expected will be overlooked.

In any case, this result of Indian team in ICC T20 world cup was much expected; I would have been surprised in case the team did well. Since in IPL, they were not playing cricket, they were playing some game of money. Thus quality players did not take part of IPL, and whoever did, could not perform well. IPL is really a ground where the Pathans, the Rainas, the Vijays etc will do good - not any real quality player - barring Tendulkar, Kallis, Kumble - since they are always a class apart and do not fall into any general formula.

Whoever has not participated in IPL is performing good in T20 WC, has not played in IPL. Is this only because of fatigue and tiredness for IPL? Probably not. No quality of cricket and quality of players were there in IPL - even if you score a 80 in 40 ball, see against whom you have done this. Here in T20 WCC pure cricket is there, quality players and competition is there... and see how India is playing.

Dhoni is objecting now about IPL schedules, late night parties etc, as if only for that the team couldn't make it. They weren't aware of the next WC at the time of doing the parties? Were those parties mandatory? India is the only country where cricket players (as whole team, not individuals) appear in page-3 with girls. Why complain now after losing, and not then? Even all our experts are saying Dhoni shouldn't give these mere excuses after getting beaten. Why they did not try to stop all those IPL recklessness?

Again, as usual, we will not do anything after reading a couple of such quotations, such excuses etc etc; and next year again the money game in form of IPL will happen, and Indian cricket will be murdered.

Well, now India will play with Zimbabwe, they probably will win against the minnows (they won't choose to play with Australia, SA, England etc), Dhoni's record will be more enriched, he will probably get a couple of more healthy endorsements, and we will be happy again, forgetting all these; but history will repeat itself if the core issues are not solved....

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