Sunday, April 25, 2010

IPL Finale... India's biggest reality show... definitely not Cricket

Just now was trying to watch the much over-hyped finale of Indian Premier League.
It has everything except Cricket. Lots of glamour, lots of money, lots of fashion, lots of bollywood, lots of everything else - except cricket. All Tendulkars and Dhonis must be sleeping at this moment, wondering what is happening, why we are here, is there going to be any match, or any kind of joke?

Why and how do Indian people enjoy such show in the name of cricket? Are there any few such page-3 parties, any less such bollywood performances, that the Indian people has to come to IPL to enjoy these? I say Indian people, since I doubt any cricket fans outside this country is really enjoying such event in name of cricket.

They say, India is cricket crazy, people love cricket more than anything else. I seriously doubt, because if it would have been so, Indian people wouldn't have tolerated such torture and insult of cricket.

Thank God, Mr Modi has been removed from his post, thank God there has been a controversy around IPL. It would be great if no such IPL takes place next year, not in India, not anywhere. It would, however, could be a very good tournament if they would stick to cricket and not try to draw crowd and money making it mere reality show.

The biggest loser is ICC, who is performing a spectacular role of a dumb spectator of this ending of cricket, and how money, glamour and business is eating cricket.


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