Friday, August 9, 2013

Protect the Religion? - Part I

Violence is on the rise.
People are killing people, We punish those people by killing them who kill people. They then mushroom from here and there, and kill more people to take revenge. We again kill them to punish them. They again then appear from some other place, in some other name, in some other form.
And this goes on endlessly.
Both the killers and punishers are the same.
Violence is on the rise.

But, this violence is not for money, not for any earthly resources, not for any materialistic objects.
This is purely for hypothetical reason.
This is for protecting Your Religion, Your Culture, Your People.

This surprises me a lot. Why do we need to protect our Religion? Why do we need communities and groups to protect the Religion?
Is a Religion so fragile that it has to be protected? Is a Religion so brittle that it a group of people has to shield it from harm? Is a Religion so weak and frail that we need to guard it by AK-47s, bullets and tanks?

On the contrary, those who feel so, are actually making their Religion a mockery. They are disdaining their Religion by themselves. No certain bunch of people with guns and pistols can sentinel any Religion, unless you don't want to weaken your Religion, your tribe.

A Religion is way too big than these acts. No people can destroy any Religion, nor no people can safeguard any Religion by sadism.

Those people who are presenting themselves as the so called defender and guardian of their Religion, are actually weakening their Religion by their acts, by the hollow deeds.

Actually, Religion, by itself, is not it was supposed to be.
In today's days the definition of Religion has been changed.
Religion has become a mode or purpose of categorizing of people.
Religion has become an easy way of doing business and earning money.

Religion has become a simple excuse of doing any mischievous act.

Religion is not associated with Respect, it is associated by with mockery.
Some people are religious because they want to Rule, some people are religious because they fear their sins.

Even if we seem to be respectful to our Religion, it is actually not so. We are simply disrespectful to the others.
And we feel the others also disrespect us. Thus we need those so called custodians to protect us, to protect our Religion.

At the end, all those Religions will vanish into the history whose future is handed over to some mere aggressive and illiterate bunch of people.

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